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        St. Peter-Paul Medical Clinic, Inc., a pioneer in industrial medicine in the Philippines today. We set the standard.

        Having been in the business for the past 27 years, we have been catering to the pre-employment medical examinations of OFWs since the beginnings of this industry. Realizing that globalization is upon us, we have made our services more readily available to the Filipino people hailing from the Visayas and Mindanao with the addition of its branches in Cebu and Davao.

        In SPPMCI, our primary goal is HEALTH PROMOTION. We guarantee that the OFW that is for deployment is in the best of health.

          In SPPMCI, we ensure that the Filipino who meets the world is at his best.


    Department of Health
    Department of Labor and Employment
    Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
    Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office
    Malaysian Embassy
    Maritime Industry Authority (marina)
    Brunei Darussalam Embassy
    Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GCC Countries)